Mitsuzawa Higashi-cho Neighborhood Association

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Mitsuzawa Higashi-cho is located not far from Yokohama Station. This is the homepage of the Mitsuzawa Higashima-cho Neighborhood Association.

Community of Life !

The neighborhood associations are organizations made up of local residents, voluntary basis. We are working on daily life, such as garbage collection, disaster prevention, crime prevention, and child-rearing safety. The neighborhood association carries out various activities to promote exchanges between people living in the same area. Of course, non-Japanese residents are also welcome to join. Participation allows you to work with others, make new friends and make your life in Japan more enjoyable. Join us and make a difference to your community!

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Note: We are gradually translating the web site in English.


Garbage & Recycling

Please follow the rules for disposing of garbage.

  • Please dispose by 8 am on the day of collection

  • Please do not dispose the night before or the time after collection

  • Please separate garbage and recyclables into categories, and dispose on the day of the week decided for each category

  • Please put each item in a transparent or translucent bag and dispose.

Garbage collection boxes and area are maintained by residents, voluntary basis.

Following these rules for disposing garbage and recyclables is very important in order to keep our community a clean and pleasant place to live. Appreciate your understanding and helping to follow the rules for disposing of garbage for our sustainable community.

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Mitsuzawa Higashi-cho Neighborhood association

Location: 2-29 Mitsuzawa Higashi-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa pref., 221-0853