Our Activities

Introduce activities of the Neighborhood Association


Introduce the events of Mitsuzawa Higashi-cho. (Activities have been canceled or undecided in 2021 to prevent COVID-19 infection.) (Japanese)


Introduce our efforts for environment.


Disaster/Crime Prevention

We have launched a disaster prevention project and are thinking about disaster prevention for our community.

This page will also introduce our efforts for crime prevention.


For Children

For a glorious future being moved through children's experiences fostering power to live and brilliance of life.

We are working to promote healthy upbringing of children.


For Women

Cooperate with activities of association.

  • Supporting rice cake making

  • Supporting festival, e.g. carrying Mikoshi

  • Operate "East Cafe" for local residents


For Senior

For youth

Cooperate with activities of association. Supporting events, e.g. rice cake making, festivals, and children's associations.